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I am a Forensic Consultant who has relocated back to the western Pennsylvania  area. As outlined in my attached, abbreviated CV, I am court-qualified in the areas of crime scene reconstruction, bloodstain pattern interpretation, forensic serology, crime scene processing, and criminalistics.  For 35 years I have examined homicide and assault crime scenes and have found that if sufficient physical evidence exists it can often be determined:                                                                             

- what events occurred at the scene(s) and the sequence of those events

      - how and where those events occurred, and most importantly  

          - who was, or was not, responsible for those actions. 


After retiring as director of a state law enforcement forensic 

 laboratory, I have been involved as a consultant on many  post- conviction and active homicide cases.  Two of the most notable cases were the post- conviction appeal of Timothy Masters where I served as the forensic investigator for the appeal team and the retrial of David Camm in Indiana. After proving the innocence of Mr. Masters, the court vacated his original first-degree murder verdict and the charges were dismissed by the prosecution with prejudice. Following his release, I then worked with the local District Attorney in their investigation of the police officers' actions in the case. In addition, I presented my reconstruction of the events of the homicide, based on examination of the evidence, to the  Colorado State Attorney General who is currently assigned to the investigation of this unusual and now unsolved homicide. David Camm was acquitted at his third trial.

Such cases clearly demonstrate the need for a honest, objective, and independent review of the physical evidence associated with homicides and other criminal investigations. When you require specialized crime scene reconstruction skills, I hope you will contact me to assist you. 

I look forward to working with you.


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